Sonntag, 20. März 2011


Everybody has it from time to time. Nostalgia. I had this experience three weeks ago. I was cleaning up my room and found an old box dated 10 years ago. I opened it and everything flashed back in my memory when i saw Pokemon, Super Mario, Soccer Mania and my old Game Boy. I remembered playing it under my blanket long after bed-time. The Super Nintendo Session over at my cousins and the following Nintendo 64 sessions, playing hours of James Bond Goldeneye, Mario Kart or Super Smash Brothers. So while i had this rush i turned on my PC, went to e-bay and bought an N64 along with two controllers, Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers. While it was on it's way i somehow regrettet spending that much money for a console first sold nearly 15 years ago. When it arrived, i instantly plugged it in, called my cousin and it was awesome. We played the whole evening and it was just legendary. We both came to the same conclusion: Best spent money ever.

Anyone out there had the same experience recently? Feel free to comment!